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Firefly Sanctuary 2017
Hacienda Ixtafiayuca, Nanacamilpa, Tlaxcala, Mexico

Hacienda Ixtafiayuca is the best option for a visit to the firefly sanctuary at Nanacamilpa, Tlaxcala for it's excellent location and ALL INCLUDED concept. Situated whithin the area of the sanctuary, the Hacienda is the closest place that offers the most facilities that allow you to comfortably visit this amazing event.

For one price, you will have access to the sanctuary, somewhere comfortable to stay, food and alcoholic drinks (adults only) and the wide range of activities that the XVIII century Hacienda offers.
Firefly Sanctuary, Nanacamilpa, Tlaxcala

For reservations, quotes and additional information, please send an email to informes@haciendaixtafiayuca.com.mx or call 01 (55) 5286 3001.

For more information about reservations at Hacienda Ixtafiayuca during the firefly season in Nanacamilpa, please click on the following links:

Firefly Sanctuary, Nanacamilpa, Tlaxcala

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Reservations, Hacienda Ixtafiayuca - Firefly Sanctuary, Tlaxcala

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Hacienda Ixtafiayuca, Tlaxcala, Mexico

Contact / Reservations by telephone:
(Mexico City) 01-55-52863001 from the interior of Mexico
011-52-55-52863001 from USA
+52-55-52863001 from Europe

Contact / Reservations by email:

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